My Life directed by NWR : Clap de femme

Disponible sur Prime, le documentaire My Life directed by NWR revient sur le tournage épique d’Only God Forgives de Nicolas Winding Refn. Derrière la caméra, Liv Corfixen, l’épouse du cinéaste, nous dévoile les coulisses du film

The Green Mattress: A promise of dreams of a new era

Finding a good mattress may seem easy. However, finding a good, environmentally friendly mattress in an affordable price range is another matter. Feat-y spoke to Larick Cartron, a committed designer and green mattress enthusiast, who has risen to this challenge with flying colors. Interview

What is behind eco-labels

More and more labels are appearing on product packaging. Are they reliable? The eco-labels are in the spotlight.

The painter Anne Turlais revives the colors in the hearts

Meeting with Anne Turlais, a painter for 40 years. Today she is still pursuing a project started in 2016: to spread her vision of art and beauty to audiences prevented from seeing it, but also to individuals.